Projects and Group Facilitation


As an artist wtih a yoga practice and a yogi with an art practice, I am accutely aware of the similarities between the two. It is my aim, through the Intravision Project, to provide tools for artists, yogis, and everything in between to have first hand experiences of making meditative art in and out of both kinds of studios. The art of picking up a brush in this case would be no different than practicing a yoga set and if we take it a step further, no different than enjoying a walk, teaching a workshop, or preparing a meal with a group of friends.  In "Public Practice Art" as it is sometimes called, the act of making art becomes the medium for social change. Therefore according to Trungpa's rubric, you could say that the art of public practice both considers and embodies the participants or viewers as well as well as the creators...and sometimes they are one and the same. Take me there.



The Book is coming an excerpt

I am writing this book in the hopes that others will come to understand that living a creative life is not "just" for artists, dancers, writers, etc. but is for EVERY person no matter who they are or what they do.  Your job as a human being is to create a life for yourself that makes you feel comfortable in your skin, to be generous and kind with the life you've been given, and to have as good a time as you can navigating through this crazy place called Earth. Creative Living means to wake up every morning and ask yourself "how can this day be more extraordinary than the day before?" or "how can be of more service to my friends, family, loved ones and community?". These kinds of questions and many more like them are "natural" for a Creative person who always strives to make their life better and more rewarding for themselves and for others.


Private Sessions in your Place or Mine

Whether you have a specific project to get through or a life's mission to figure out, these tools can help you to have the clarity of vision to see where you're going and the ability to access the energy needed to pull through. Each approach is customized to the individual. There is no better way to make a significant transformation than with working with a facilitator. It's the missing ingredient in the recipe for success... and getting people excited about what they do is what I do. With the help of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and the 11 Yogic Arts of Creative Living, you'll be well on your way to experiencing a better career, better relationships, and a better you. If you ARE an artist and need help with un-blocking, these sessions are an excellent way to learn the tools to break down the walls. For more information contact me.


Optimize Output Using Your Group or Organization's "Potential Creative Dynamic"

How can you get the best out of a group situation? One way is by targeting problems in the workplace, communication concerns in organizations and social clubs, and just getting the best out of any group dynamic. It's also possible to change group consciousness through yoga and meditation to inspire and stimulate active discussion and listening. On the job, are you looking to light a fire under a sleepy project? Trying to get some fresh and new ideas on a lackluster job? Are you trying to find a tool for thinking "out of the box" when you're stuck inside of it?  Then a GROUP FACILIATION is just the shot in the arm your company needs. 

Friends, co-workers, and acquaintances with shared interests can pool their resources for a more economical solution to individual facilitation. Approach and type of session can be customized to fit your needs. Price is based on scope of the job. For more information contact me.


Being a Successful Athlete Requires Flexibility, Maneuverability, Self-Discipline, Grace Under Pressure, and Lots of Creativity.

I bet you never thought yoga creativity coaching could be great for athletes...but it's the perfect tool for boosting performance, increasing competitive edge, eliminating "choking" at crucial moments & giving athletes a way to tune in to the BIG PICTURE to become better team players... while taking the competition by surprise!  Kundalini Yoga can turn a good athlete into a great athlete and can also boost confidence and self-esteem.  It also can strengthen the body AND the mind, increase lung capacity and the way the body uses it's energy resources.  Being an athlete can be a tremendously Creative pursuit and these Yogic Arts can put any athlete or athletic team in the lead. For more information contact me.